photo by Mark King

The Buck Dharma Band:
Ricky Browning Benefit Concert

In 1997, a fan called Buck Dharma's attention to the story of Ricky Browning, a little boy who in Atlanta who was suffering the ravages of an inoperable brain tumor. Ricky had his own inspiring method to fight his illness, he imagined his hero, Godzilla, fighting the tumor. Ricky’s love for Godzilla attracted the attention of Buck, who assembled the Buck Dharma Band, and performed a fund-raising concert for Ricky and his family. The concert was held April 11, 1997 Atlanta, GA.

The concert was shot professionally on video, and a large portion of the concert is included in the video "Miracles DO happen". Chronicling Ricky’s brave fight against cancer, the video features interviews with Ricky and his family and eleven songs from the benefit concert, plus Ricky & Buck’s appearances on local newscasts.

The Buck Dharma Band includes Buck on vocals and guitar, BÖC monster bass player Danny Miranda, drummer John Miceli, and Buck’s wife, Sandy Roeser adding backing vocals.

Ricky Browning, with his hero Godzilla, was on the cover of Hospice magazine shortly after the BDB concert took place.

Buck performed many BÖC songs, as well as songs from his solo album, "Flat Out" and a few cover versions. Ricky himself helped out on drums for his favorite song, "Godzilla."

The film "Miracles DO Happen" can be seen on YouTube, divided into four parts.

Miracles Do Happen, Take One - Part 1
Miracles Do Happen, Take One - Part 2
Miracles Do Happen, Take One - Part 3
Miracles Do Happen, Take One - Part 4