Rudy Sarzo  


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Rudy Sarzo has had quite the career, playing bass for some of the biggest music stars of the past few decades. From Ozzy Osbourne to Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and Dio, Rudy has lent his talents to the crème de la crème of hard rock and metal artists.

And in 2008, he added the Amazing Blue Öyster Cult to his resumé.

Rudy has myriad other talents, as well, he is a published author, having written "Off The Rails," a memoir of his days touring with Randy Rhoads while with Ozzy Osbourne. He also recently appeared on the VH1 reality television series, "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp," which was filmed at one of the LA-based Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp workshops. These camps are held around the country and feature a chance for aspiring musicians to work with and learn from music industry luminaries, who act as the "camp counselors." On the TV series, Rudy is one of the counselors, and coaches his band of campers with the hope of winning the "encore" at the end of the week's sessions.

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