Tshirts are the most popular souvenir item sold at concerts. Over the years BÖC has had lots of shirts. Here are the ones from our collection. If you have other tees in your collection, please send us a scan or a photo so we can add to this list!


Club Ninja tee.

Black shirt with multicolor Ninja design.

Back unprinted.


Club Ninja tee.

Black shirt with multicolor Ninja logo design.

Back: "Blue Öyster Cult" printed in gold with red shadow in the Ninja-style lettering and "world tour" printed in red below.


Imaginos blue shirt.

This shirt was distributed as a Record Company Appreciation gift in the UK.

Blue cotton shirt with Imaginos embroidered logo on upper left breast.


1988 - Imaginos tee.

Black tee with blue, silver and white ink.

Front (L). Imaginos in blue ink, Blue Oyster Cult and logo in silver ink. Cliff House design in white ink.

Back (R) Logo in blue, type in Silver.

1989 - On Tour Forever tee.

Black tee with Tyranny & Mutation front cover and back cover art. Front at (L), back (R).



Puppet Show tee.

Black shirt with multicolor print. Front has Godzilla attacking theatre and people fleeing.


Back features the Reaper and Godzilla battling each other, printed in grey and blue.

1990 - Career of Evil tee.

Black shirt. Front (L), Back (R).

1995 - Workshop of the Telescopes tee.

Black shirt. Front (L), Back (R).



Buck Dharma Flat Out tee.

Black shirt with front flat tire design and type.

Back not printed.