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SETI: The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

Based in Berkeley, CA SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) analyzes data collected from radar telescopes, with hopes of uncovering any signals which might lead to discovery of extra terrestrial civilizations. As you can imagine, there are hundreds upon thousands of terabytes of data collected every year. There is so much data to analyze, that the SETI project's computers can only process a fraction of it, so they created SETI@home.

What is SETI@home?

SETI@home is a way that the SETI project can harness the CPU power of thousands of home computers during their idle time. To participate in SETI@home, you download the platform-appropriate SETI software, and then connect to SETI's server and download a packet of data. When the SETI software sees that your CPU is idle, it will initiate a cool screensaver and the SETI software will begin analyzing the data packets. The software will immediately pause when you wish to begin working again, and pick up where it left off next time your computer is idle.

When all the data has been analyzed, you will reconnect to SETI's server and upload the results. Total connection time for all this is only a few minutes.

Groups such as Universities, companies and clubs can create groups to bind together their collective computer power. Eric Bloom created a group for BÖC fans, friends and associates to join. Once you join the group, all the data you analyze will be credited to the Blue Öyster Cult group. Everyone is invited to join, so tell your friends, family and coworkers to sign up for the Blue Öyster Cult group!

How do I get started?

To join the Blue Öyster Cult SETI@home group you must FIRST DOWNLOAD the SETI@home software. Follow the link below to download. After you've downloaded and installed the software, JOIN the group, using the second link below. The third link offers optimization tips for processing your data packets faster.

SETI information and Download Software for Windows, Mac, UNIX etc.

Join Blue Öyster Cult SETI@home!