November 25, 2004

Blue Öyster Cult fans from around the world, via the internet, have contributed their favorite recipes to the newly published recipe compendium, "We're Cookin' For You".

Many of the recipes are BÖC-themed, and all are guaranteed delicious.

Proceeds from cookbook sales will go to the "get a fan to a show" fund, which intends to help make concert attendance possible for fans that might not otherwise have the opportunity.

October 2, 2004

After holding auditions in New York, BÖC has chosen to hire Jules Radino to fill the vacancy left by Bobby Rondinelli.

Jules came recommended by former BÖC drummer, John Miceli, and was formerly one of his drum students.

September 29, 2004

Richie Castellano has been tapped to fill the bass position left empty by Danny Miranda.

Richie is a longtime friend of the band, and has worked for them on occasion filling in as soundman, and also joining BÖC onstage several times at shows as a guest musician.

To find out more about Richie, visit his site at

September 14, 2004

Bobby Rondinelli and Danny Miranda have both chosen to leave Blue Öyster Cult. Bobby will move on playing full time with the band The Lizards, with whom he has toured and recorded for the past couple years in his off-time from Blue Öyster Cult. Bobby's last show will be Saturday, September 26th in Sayreville, NJ.

Danny accepted a position alongside former BOC drummer John Miceli playing in the band for the "We Will Rock You" musical in Las Vegas. Danny's last show with BOC was September 12, 2004.

Richie Castellano will be playing bass for BOC at the September 18 Las Vegas show. A permanent replacement drummer and bass player have not yet been named.

July 23, 2004

Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed! By Martin Popoff

Finally, a book on Blue Öyster Cult!

This book, by well-known music critic Martin Popoff. Popoff has written seven books on heavy metal and one on southern rock. He is the Senior Editor of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, and also contributes to Guitar World, Lollipop, Goldmine, Record Collector, Classic Rock, Chart, Brazil's Roadie Crew,, and

Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed! is not a biography as such, but a biography of the band's albums, a canon of work Martin calls one of the finest in rock, and truly superlative on the lyrical front. Indeed, Martin, in radio, print and TV interviews, has consistently called the band's lyrics the best in the business.

The book examines the complicated early days of the band, demonstrating the show biz sweat that goes into making an act an act. The majority of the book however is centred around the peerless intellectual quality of the songs, a quality made entertaining by the band's psychotropic and ghoulish humor, and by its interest in all manner of conspiracy theories, cults, monsters, vampires, UFO tales, foul play, arcane spiritualism, alchemy, love lost and love buried, science fiction and science friction.

Along the way, Martin talks (in some cases numerous times) with Buck, Eric, Albert and Joe, along with new drummer Bobby Rondinelli, legendary producer of the band Murray Krugman and BOC expert Bolle Gregmar. For insight into the band's fantastic lyrical world, Martin went right to the source, the penners of BOC classics. Some of the best insights into creativity Martin's ever heard - through 900 interviews as metal's most widely recognized journalist - came from Sandy Pearlman (also the band's manager during the golden years), Richard Meltzer, Helen Wheels, David Roter and John Shirley, along with cover artists Greg Scott and Ioannis. Helen Wheels and David Roter are since deceased; Martin's chats with them are among their last interviews.

The result is a "biography" pointedly about what matters the most - the recorded documents, the works, the masterwerks. Indeed, each chapter bears the title of a BOC record, because that's what you get in the chapter - detailed, track by track analysis about the music and the lyrics (not to mention some of the personal stuff swirling around the sessions).

Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed! zestfully fulfills the mandate set out by Martin at the onset, a mandate that Martin has always felt to be the mark of a good rock bio - it sends you scampering back to your CDs and LPs for a second and third and fourth, very detailed, listen, one that results in new appreciation for the genius of the artist examined.


For ordering infomation, email or visit

March 23, 2004

Classic Rock Artist Ioannis, the man behind the cover art of "A Long Day's Night" and "Curse Of The Hidden Mirror" has just launched his personal website at

The site includes galleries, artstores, diaries, and much more. Ioannis has designed covers for Deep Purple, Styx, Allman Brothers, King Crimson, Sepultura, Fates Warning and many others.

Of particular interest to BÖC fans is his take on the art he did for the band. See the interview from Vintage Guitar (found under Ioannis-->Press-->Interviews), and his stories in the gallery section.

In the Limited Edition Prints section you can purchase a limited edition, signed and numbered print of "Curse Of The Hidden Mirror", signed by Ioannis and the band. See:

A second Limited Edition print of "A Long Day's Night" artwork may become available this summer.

West Coast Tour Provides Set List Surprises

March 8, 2004

Blue Öyster Cult kicked off their West Coast tour by surprising the crowd with some old obscure favorites, some of which were chosen from a fan poll on Included in the new setlist additions are "Dancin' in the Ruins" from the Club Ninja album and "Born to Rock" from Buck Dharma's 1982 solo album, "Flat Out".

Don't Fear the Reaper included in 'Miracle' Film

February 6, 2004

"(Don't Fear) The Reaper" is prominently featured in the trailer and appears on the soundtrack CD for "Miracle," a new film that chronicles the USA Olympic Hockey team's unlikely 1980 Olympic victory over the USSR. The film's soundtrack features a wide variety of '70s music.

January 15, 2004

Bobby Rondinelli's drumming is part of the new release by The Lizards. The CD is called "Rule". Bobby has done some touring with them as well, when he's not busy with Blue Oyster Cult. To order the CD, visit the Lizards' website at