Richie not chosen for Queen Extravaganza

December 8, 2011

The results are in for the Queen Extravaganza, and unfortunately, Richie was not chosen. However, he had an excellent time auditioning in Los Angeles and meeting Roger Taylor. Video from Richie's Los Angeles audition are available for you to watch on youtube

Richie in finals for Queen Extravaganza

November 29, 2011

Thanks to the internet vote, Richie Castellano has made it to the FINALS in the Queen Extravaganza contest! He will now fly to Los Angeles on December 5 to play live in front of Roger Taylor and the other judges, in hopes of being chosen to participate in the Queen Extravaganza tour. You can view a video of his audition here on youtube! We wait on pins and needles awaiting the final decision. Go Richie! Visit the main site at

Vote for Richie in the Queen Extravaganza contest

November 18, 2011

Richie Castellano has entered the Queen Extravaganza contest, the winners of which will participate in an international tour playing the songs of Queen with Queen drummer Roger Taylor, who is acting as producer and music director of the tour. As part of this year's celebration of Queen's 40th anniversary, Queen drummer/songwriter/singer Roger Taylor is launching an American talent search that will offer vocalists and musicians the opportunity to star in the 2012 Queen Extravaganza Live Tour.

The first round has already happened, in which quarter-finalists are chosen by the contest directors. Now it's up to an internet vote for choosing the semi-finalists, and Richie is one of the candidates! To see Richie's audition video on youtube, click here (or go to the Queen Extravaganza site, click on the auditions, and filter by guitarists), and vote for Richie! Visit the main Queen Extravaganza site at

Roadie movie to be released in 2012

November 6, 2011

The movie "Roadie," which follows the story of a fictional roadie for Blue Öyster Cult and played at film festivals earlier this year is on track for a January 2012 DVD release. Director Michael Cuesta is a big BÖC fan, and he pays tribute by using them as a canvas for this story. Here is a brief synopsis: "Canned from a 20-year job as roadie for Blue Oyster Cult, Jimmy is broke and desperate. With nowhere else to go, he returns home to Forest Hills, Queens to visit his aging mother, where a wild night with some hard-partying high school friends shows him that some things never change." View the clips at

The movie is available On Demand, or in theatres January 2.

SONY/Columbia to release BOC Box Set

September 29, 2011

There will be a "complete box set" of Blue Öyster Cult's recordings released in 2012. The box set will include two bonus discs and three unreleased demos. It is unknown whether the recordings will be remastered or not. Watch here for further news!

Richie, Jules & Danny Miranda Post New Song on YouTube

July 8, 2011

Richie Castellano has written a new song called "Shazam", and recorded it with Jules and Danny Miranda. They created a "recording of" video that you can watch on YouTube.

Recorded by BÖC FOH Engineer Steve LaCerra and Monitor Mix man Andrew Gearhart.

Watch on YouTube

Buck joins Cheap Trick onstage for 'Ain't That A Shame'

July 5, 2011

Buck Dharma was invited to play with Cheap Trick on "Ain't That A Shame" at last week's show in Greely, CO.

You can watch Buck's cameo on YouTube

Jules to give drum clinic in Bay Area

June 20 , 2011

Jules is going to have a drum clinic at San Mateo's Drum World on June 26.

If you've seen Jules in action, you know what a powerhouse he is, and at the clinic he'll share his knowledge of the kit and tips about technique and equipment.

As a clinician, he has performed many clinics nationwide and has a teaching practice on Long Island.

To find out more, visit Drum World's website, or call them at 650-572-9900

BOC Producer David Lucas Inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame

June 29 , 2011

David Lucas, one of the producers of Blue Öyster Cult's first three albums, was today inducted into the Buffalo [NY] Music Hall Of Fame.

BÖC's very first eponymous album was recorded at his 8-track jingle studio, and he also worked on "Agents of Fortune" and "Spectres."

However, he's mostly known for writing advertising jingles, including "Reach Out and Touch Someone," "Catch That Pepsi Spirit" and many more.

On June 3, 2009, he joined BÖC on stage in Sebastian, FL, which was fitting, as this is the man whose idea it was to add cowbell on "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." Watch on YouTube.

Learn more about Mr. Lucas at his website.

Richie's Tiger's Fang 8 & 9 released on YouTube

May 4 , 2011

Tiger's Fang VII, VIII & IX have been released on the Tiger's Fang site and on YouTube.

Tiger's Fang is an ongoing Kung Fu saga from Richie Castellano and friends.

Or you can watch all the current and previous episodes at:

Tiger's Fang Season 1 Premiere

May 1 , 2011

Comic Book Jones, a well-known Staten Island comics store, hosted the "Tiger's Fang Season One Premiere Night."

Staged as a Red Carpet Event, all the Tiger's Fang actors were there, and they played all nine episodes back to back.

Here's a photo of Richie from the premiere, tux and all!

Indie Film Roadie features BOC in plot

April 24 , 2011

"Roadie," is a new independent film being showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival and features an off-screen Blue Öyster Cult—as a plot device.

This fictional film tells the story of a BÖC roadie, who is dismissed abruptly from his job of over 20 years.

He returns home to his childhood home, and tries to rebuild his life.

Michael Cuesta, the filmmaker, hails from New York, and is a fan of Blue Öyster Cult, and thus the inspiration.

Visit "Roadie"'s official site for more information:

Eric Bloom blogging at

February 18 , 2011

Eric Bloom has been occasionally blogging about the latest online games at the Massive Online Gamer website.

You can read his reviews and commentary at the link below!

Richie's BÖC Smackdown on YouTube

February 2 , 2011

Richie Castellano has created a funny "BÖC Smackdown" video game-like movie that features the likenesses of BÖC, wrestling and kickboxing their way to an eventual winner.

Who wins the BÖC Smackdown? Watch on YouTube and see!

BÖC Smackdown