BOC mentioned on "That 70s Show"


Blue Öyster Cult was mentioned on the October 4, 1999 episode of Fox Network's “That ’70’s Show,” and a few episodes later the show was intro’ed by “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” You will also find BÖC’s “Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll” featured on the newly released “That ’70’s Show” Soundtrack CD.

Fans also report BÖC references in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” spin-off, “Angel.” In an October 26 episode, there was a villan named Meltzer, who was referred to as “Damaged,” and a “gnarly floating eyeball” (remember The Stoned Age?). BÖC fans are everywhere...

Steve LaCerra Releases New CD


Steve La Cerra has released the followup to "One Step at a Time." The new CD, called "Flight" is available at Steve, or "Woody" as BÖC fans might know him, is BÖC's soundman, as well as a recording engineer and musician. His rock project, Dagger, also had a CD out this year. More about this coming soon.

Join BOC SETI@home


UC Berkeley's SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) program analyzes data collected from radar telescopes in hopes of discovering a signal that might be of extraterrestrial origin. Because the amounts of data are so huge, SETI has initiated a program that incorporates the use of thousands of home computers to help analyze the data. Eric Bloom has created a group to of BÖC people to join in the data analysis. You can join Eric and Buck and many other BÖC fans in the Blue Oyster Cult SETI@home group.

BOC appears on VH1 "Where Are They Now"

(udpdated 99/08/4)

BOC's June 24 Pittsburgh, PA concert was filmed by VH-1 for use in a "Where Are They Now" segment, and perhaps something bigger and better later on. VH-1 filmed the concert with 5 cameras, and also conducted interviews with the band. Look for the "Where Are They Now" to be broadcast Tuesday, August 3.

The show will be repeated on VH-1 Friday, Aug 6 and Saturday Aug 7.

Buck Dharma Signature Guitar Debuts


Harper's Guitars announced the debut of the Buck Dharma Signature Model Harper guitar. The guitar was built by Harper's guitars with specifications and electronics designed by Buck Dharma. The guitar debuted on stage at the June 4 Las Vegas show. Visit the Harper website for further details.

Mobile Fidelity Releases Remastered BOC & T&M

(updated 00/01/19)

Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs has released remastered versions of Blue Öyster Cult's first and second records on a single CD. The disc includes lyrics and liner notes by Eric Bloom.

Since this original item was posted, MOFI has gone out of business, so it is suggested that you purchase these CDs before they are no longer available, because there will be no further production of these great discs.

BOC on Kevin Bacon


Buck and Eric were the featured guests on The Guitar Show with (actor) Kevin Bacon that was broadcast the week of April 12th. In the first hour of the 2-hour show, Buck was interviewed and talked about how he became a guitarist and his early influences. He cited The Doors and The Blues Project, as well as Pete Townsend's songwriting ability.

In the next hour, Eric talked about early influences, meeting Jimi Hendrix, and seeing the Who. He also spoke of Heaven Forbid, and writing material for the next BÖC album. He mentioned that the band has been asked to contribute a song for the Heavy Metal 2 soundtrack.

Cultosaurus UK Remaster Released


Cultösaurus Erectus has been reissued in the U.K. this month in a new, 20-bit remastered version. The fidelity has been improved, and more importantly, the missing downbeat on the song "Deadline" has been restored.

The CD comes with the original UK cover (no logo on the spaceship) and the original insert printed in the booklet.

In other BÖC remaster news: Look for a reissue of both "Blue Öyster Cult" and "Tyranny and Mutation" from Mobile Fidelity this year.

Also, the long-awaited King Biscuit Flower Hour Best-of BÖC disc is currently rumored to have an autumn release.