Blue Oyster Cult History - page 5

Blue Öyster Cult 1975-1976

The next record was a double live LP, “On Your Feet or On Your Knees,” and although the band remembers that the actual concerts that were recorded were plagued with technical and sound problems, fans embraced the album, enjoying the very real and raw renditions of the songs. As the band didn’t do any post-show overdubs on the tapes, the recording captures not only the sound but the energy of BÖC in concert. This record added to the band’s already good buzz, and began to draw even more rock fans out to the shows. At this point, the band embarked on their first European tour, as well as continuing their heavy schedule of shows at home.

By now, with several studio albums under their collective belts, the band’s comfort level in the studio invited more experimentation with production and studio techniques. That, coupled with each band member’s acquisition of a new 4-track TEAC recording deck began a new round of creativity in the BÖC camp. The results of this new creativity is evidenced in the marked departure that “Agents of Fortune” is in comparison to the previous three studio efforts.

Most importantly, “Agents of Fortune” contained the Buck Dharma-penned hit single “Don’t Fear The Reaper.” Buck recalls that when he finished the demo for “Reaper” he felt he really “had something,” and have something he did. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” reached #12 on the Billboard charts, and “Agents of Fortune” became the band’s first of many gold records.

This single changed everything for Blue Öyster Cult. Suddenly BÖC went from a best-kept secret among the faithful to widespread name recognition. They found themselves splashed across the pages of the many rock fan magazines such as Hit Parader, Creem and Rock Scene. The crowds at the concerts grew, and shortly the band found themselves headlining coliseums.