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For in-depth answers to nearly ALL questions BOC, visit John Swartz' BOCFAQMAN's comprehensive BOC FAQ, a massive missive of minutae to please the most picayne perquisitor.

General Questions:

(When) Will Sony/Legacy remaster more of BOC's albums?

What does the BOC logo mean?

What does (--) lyric mean?

Where can I buy the CD "Imaginos"?

Where can I buy the CD of Buck Dharma's solo album "Flat Out"?

Where can I get BÖC tablature/sheet music?

Where can I find the song lyrics?

Where can I get T-shirts or other BOC merchandise?

What happened to the Bouchards?

Can I get an autographed photo?

Concert Appearance Questions:

When will BÖC come to my town/country?

How do I get tickets for a particular show?

Do you have a phone number for the venue?

What songs are currently in the setlist?

What time does the band play / who else is on the bill?

Can I tape/photograph/video the live show?

Can my band open for BOC?

How can I meet the band?

A show is listed on the tour schedule but no venue is listed. Where is the show?


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