BOC in Comics
This is not a complete list of BÖC mentions in comic books and graphic novels, but does include a majority of them. f you are aware of any further references to BOC in comics, please contact us for addition to this list.

Comics and Graphic Novels that refer to BÖC

The Defenders #59

Marvel Comics Group

Tyranny and Mutation! They're not a new rock group!

The Defenders attempt to thwart the evil Vera Gemini in these 3 issues of the comic series. BOC references throughout.

The Defenders #60 & #61

Marvel Comics Group

Day of the Demons! Helpless before the Revenge of Vera Gemini!

Story continues in these 2 issues. #61 has fewer references, however, as the story line moves on to other topics.

Captain America

Marvel Comics Group
Marvel Super Action Vol. 1 #3

On front cover, word balloons read:

"Is that you, Fury?"

"Who'd you expect, the Blue Oyster Cult?"

Challengers of the Unknown

DC Comics

Comic series about an "X-files"-like team of investigators of the paranormal. At a crime scene, one witness' crazed ravings are chock full of BOC lyric references.

Battle Angel Alita

by Yukito Kishiro
Viz Graphic Novel

Manga series about a cyborg bounty hunter. Character in story has a BOC logo on his forehead, another character is named "Desty Nova".

The Avengers

Volume 3, #29
Marvel Comics

The Avengers, dressed in dark robes, are infiltrating a South or Central American village occupied by the evil sorceror Kulan Gath. One of the Avengers, commenting on their disguises, says "Good thing we found these robes, we'd have been pretty conspicuous in our costumes" to which another replies "Yeah, instead of looking like high priests of the Blue Oyster Cult".

Lost Heroes

by Rob Prior
Davdez Arts

Rob Prior, the artist who created BOC's "Heaven Forbid" album cover is the artist behind the "Lost Heroes" comic series. Issue #1 includes a character based on Eric Bloom.

Dylan Dog

Italian comic series

Main character wears a BOC T-shirt

The Last Days of May

by Joan Hilty

BOC references in this comic about a tough chick named Tosca.

ME 262

Source unknown, probably music magazine.

Comic drawn to fit the lyric. Similar to the French comic, but different artist.

ME 262

by Serge Clerc
Metal Hurlant Comic Magazine, Chanson Illustrée Au Jour d'hui (Illustrated Song of the Day)

Comic drawn to fit the lyric. Similar to the English comic, but different artist.

This Ain't The Summer of Love

Unknown source

Comic drawn to fit the lyric.

The Psychic Wars

by Joseph Michael Linsner
Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated
Issue 1, Spring 1998

Eight pages, fully painted. Inspired by BOC's "Veteran of the Psychic Wars," and dedicated to BOC.

Knights of the Dinner

by Jolly R. Blackburn
#31, May 1999

The issue is called "Don't Fear the Reaper."

Demon Hunter

Atlas Comics
#1, Sept 1975

A character referred to as a "Harvester Of Eyes for a Blue Oyster Cult" . Other BOC references.

Marvel Spotlight

Marvel Comics
#33, 1977

Many BOC references.

no picture available

"I Love the Night"

Independent Comics
Year unknown

One of the comics contained within this comic book, the comic is drawn to fit the lyric of "I Love the Night"

User Friendly

July 25, 1999

A "Reaper" parody written about the LINUX operating system.

Click here to see the full cartoon.


July 13, 2002

Comic artist Brian Bassett poked a bit of fun at BÖC in his comic strip "Adam@home".



January 25, 2003

A mention of BOC in this daily strip.

The Creeper

DC Comics
Issue 2, January 1998

A character talks to an unknown or imaginary companion, "Harlan". He mentions Transmaniacon, Harvester of Eyes, and Tyranny and Mutation.

The Green Lantern

DC Comics
#163, June xxxx

A character asks the others if they'd like to sing a song. He asks "Do you guys know any Blue Öyster Cult?"

American Splendor

Amongst graffiti on a railway overpass: A backward-drawn Logo and "BOC".