BOC MTV-Style Videos

What is meant by "MTV style" is that these videos are single song videos, either conceptual or live performance, intended for broadcast and not commercial release.

1977 - "R. U. Ready 2 Rock"

1978 Danish TV

Live footage from a Detroit Cobo Arena 77-12-30. From a 4-song 16mm film made for promotional purposes. Other songs on the film are (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Godzilla & Born To Be Wild. Clips from this film are used in the movie "The Stoned Age"

1978 - "We Gotta Get Out of This Place


Footage from a 1978 Largo, MD show at the Capitol Center with effects added. Most likely broadcast on the "Old Grey Whistle Test" TV show.

1978 - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"


Footage from a 1978 Largo, MD show at the Capitol Center with effects added. Most likely broadcast on the "Top of the Pops" TV show.

This video is live footage .

1980 - "Here's Johnny" (The Marshall Plan)"

"Black & Blue"

Created for end credits of the "Black & Blue" movie. This video was possibly broadcast on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert." For whatever reason, the video appears FIRST on the video and laserdisk release of "Black & Blue." Interesting video facts: The scenes with BÖC shown on stage, Eric is wearing a prop beard. Allen's wife can be found in the crowd scene and Don Kirshner cameos for his voiceover role.

1981 - "Burnin' For You"

Produced by Casey Movies

Filmed in Los Angeles, in one of the dry riverbeds of the LA River. This video's plot is rather scattered. The band walks out from a culvert and begins to play the song. A beer-drinking young man who may or may not have a connection with a woman watching the band goes for a drive. He appears at the culvert and while sitting in his car, self immolates. The band plays on. Interesting video facts: Richard Meltzer is one of the extras.

1981 - "Joan Crawford"

Produced by Casey Movies

Filmed in Los Angeles at the residence of the videographer. This video gained noteriety for being banned by MTV for a suggestive scene. The band is playing outdoors at a house in LA, there are scenes with several schoolgirls, and another subplot involving the main schoolgirl's interruption of an intimate moment between her mother and a man. Interesting video facts: BÖC's manager Steve Schenck makes a cameo.

1981 - "Veteran of the Psychic Wars"


Filmed live at the Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL. Video is live footage interspersed with video clips of an atomic bomb blast, war scenes. These same effects were seen in the "Blue Jean Network" broadcast of this concert.

1982 - "Roadhouse Blues"


Special Guest Guitarist Robby Krieger (Doors). This video was filmed live at the Country Club in Reseda, CA, and the whole concert was satellite broadcast to Universities.

1982 - Buck Dharma - "Born To Rock"

Produced by Casey Movies

Filmed in Los Angeles by the same maker as "Joan" and "Burnin'" videos. This was the first of two videos made for promotion of the "Flat Out" record. This video got a few plays on MTV, and the guitar duel scene was also used in some MTV promotional ads.

1982 - Buck Dharma - "Your Loving Heart"

Produced by Casey Movies

Filmed in Los Angeles at the same time as "Born To Rock." The second of two videos made for the "Flat Out" record. It is unknown if this video was ever broadcast.

1984 - "Take Me Away"

Produced by John Marsh for Casey Movies

A tale of extra terrestrial abduction and identifiable flying objects... The men in black, their lips are sealed...

1984 - "Shooting Shark"

Produced by Francis Delia

Ancient magic is afoot in this video inwhich Buck partakes of a shaman's magic potion and experiences strange things. Interesting video fact: No goats were harmed in the filming of this video.

1986 - "Dancin' in the Ruins"


Video "documents" the making of a documentary on a group of skatepunk squatters. Features skateboarding prowess of Per Willander. Interesting video facts: The filmmakers depicted in the video actually are video's filmmakers.

1988 - "Astronomy"

European/Canadian MTV

Filmed in the UK for broadcast in Europe and Canada. The band does not appear in the video, which is made up of a collage of Gothic looking imagery.

1979 - "Live at Zellerbach Hall"

16mm Promotional Film

"Mirrors," "Dr. Music" and "In Thee" filmed live at UC Berkeley, CA.

1986 - "Hear 'n Aid - The Sessions"


This 30 minute video documents the making of the song "Stars," which was a single to benefit famine relief. Put together by Ronnie James Dio, with contributions from a great number of '80s metal stars, including Yngwie Malmsteen, Ted Nugent and Spinal Tap. Eric and Buck contribute vocals and guitar.