BOC in Videogames
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BÖC mentions or music in Video / Computer Games

Rock Band

Harmonix Music Systems/MTV Games
for PlayStation, Wii and XBox

Rock Band expanded upon the Guitar Hero game by introducing a multi-player format and adding three new instruments that can be played in addition to the guitar. A game-specific drumset, bass guitar and vocal microphone came with the game. Game play is the same for the instruments, but the vocalist is scored on how close to the proper pitch he or she is.

Rock Band also introduced downloadable songs, which included BÍC's "Transmaniacon MC" and "Godzilla".

Guitar Hero

Harmonix Music Systems/MTV Games
for PlayStation, Wii, XBox, PC and Mac

This game is a music playing simulation featuring a guitar-shaped controller with four color buttons. The player must press the buttons on the guitar neck and also press the "strum" button on the guitar body in time and duration to the matching shapes that scroll toward the player on the game screen.

The initial release of Guitar Hero featured "Godzilla". "Guitar Hero 3 - Legends of Rock", released in 2007 included "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll"

Guild Wars: Factions

for PC

In this particular mission, someone has lost a cowbell in a field of Blue Oysters.

Click for screenshot of mission


2K Games
for PC and Xbox 360

The first level of this game features a scene at a bar in which "Don't Fear the Reaper" plays on the jukebox as UFOs are abducting people.


Midway Games
for Nintendo, PlayStation and X-Box

RoadKill is a mission-based combat driving game, set in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a plague and ruled by gangs. Players must build a gang following as they battle rival gangs, city guards and anyone else that gets in the way.

The cars you drive in the game feature 6 different radio stations, in which is included "(Don't Fear) The Reaper". The television commercial for the game also features "Reaper".


Moby Games/ Take 2
for PC

This game is a puzzle/action-adventure interactive-movie type game that features famous actors and actresses, as well as BÖC's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper".

The Reaper not only opens and closes the game, but is also one of the puzzles that you solve by listening to the lyrics.

Karen Allen, Christopher Walken, Burgess Meredith, and John Rhys-Davies also appear in the game.


Home-made level

The original first-person shooter, Doom, offered people the possibility of making their own Doom "levels" with customized scenes. One BOC fan created his own "BÖC" Doom level, and offered it for download on the web. Although not an "official" BOC-in-videogame reference, it is notable nonetheless.