How to Search the Database:

Fields are related by "and" so if you type in more than one field, you will limit your results by all three parameters. (ex. If you type 89 in the date field and Springfield in the city field, you'll find all dates played in Springfield *and* in 1989).

Blank fields are ignored. (ex. using previous Springfield '89 search, the blank State field would mean it would bring up shows in Springfield IL as well as Springfield, VA and any other Springfields the band played in '89).

You can enter partial strings of characters and get results. Entering apolis in the city field would get you Indianapolis and Minneapolis.

The fields are NOT case sensitive.

You need not fill in all the query fields to yield results.

DATE FIELD: Dates are entered YY-MM-DD (ex. 99-09-12)
You must use this format, delineated with hyphens, to successfully pull up dates.

Type 77 to bring up all dates in 1977.

Type -03- to bring up all dates in March. (leading and terminal hyphens tell it to only bring up the MONTH 03, not the DAY 03)

Type 02-12 to bring up any date on February 12.

CITY FIELD: Cities are pretty straightforward. All names are spelled out (ex. NYC is entered as New York).
STATE / COUNTRY FIELD: All State and Country names are spelled out , no abbreviations (ex. Massachussetts). You can enter partial words (ex. Penn to bring up Pennsylvania).
VENUE FIELD: Some venues might be troublesome from their spelling (ex. Slim's). In this case, you won't find the shows at Slim's if you type Slims. You might want to use only a part of the text string (ex. Slim) to get your results.

If these instructions can be made better, or something doesn't work right, please let us know.

Also, if you find errors in this tourdate information and have ticket stubs that can help us get the complete, correct information up here, please send an email. There are holes in our information and some erroneous information. YOU can help us get this to be 100% correct, and an excellent resource of BÖC shows past!