BOC cover tunes

BOC covers other bands

1970-1973 & 1980 It's Not Easy The Rolling Stones

1972-1995 Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf

1974 & 1978 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place The Animals

1974-1979 I Ain't Got You/Maserati GT The Yardbirds

1975 Soul Kitchen The Doors

1975 Be My Baby Ronettes

1976 Kicks (as part of D&S/ME262 Medley) Paul Revere & The Raiders

1978 Kick Out The Jams MC-5

1978-1990 Roadhouse Blues The Doors

1978-1990 Love Me Two Times The Doors

1979 I Feel Free Cream

1979 Sea Cruise Huey P. Smith

1980 Substitute The Who

1980 My Generation The Who

1980-1981 I Want You/She's So Heavy The Beatles

1982 Pipeline The Ventures

1994-1999 Slow Down Larry Williams

1997 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones

1998-1999 Jailbreak Thin Lizzy

2001 Friday On My Mind Easybeats

2001 Fire Jimi Hendrix

2001 The Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key

2001 I Need You The Beatles

2002 Think for Yourself The Beatles

Other bands cover BOC

These songs are contained on an officially released recording--LP, single or CD



Astronomy Metallica

Beat 'Em Up Lee Aaron (Released before BOC in 1985)

Black Blade The Thrones

Burnin' For You The Meices
Agents Of Fortune (Swedish Tribute Band)
Iced Earth

Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll Rattlebone
Iced Earth

Dominance & Submission BiGod20
Mike Watt (w. Albert & Joe Bouchard)
World Of Pooh

(Don't Fear) The Reaper Apollo 440 (3 Different Mixes)
Big Country (2 Versions, 1 Live)
The Bridewell Taxis
Dragstrip (Surf Instrumental)
Ground Zero
Goo Goo Dolls (2 Versions, 1 Live)
Rose McDowell (2 Mixes, 1 Instrumental)
Prozak for Lovers
The Mutton Birds
Snuff -Not Listening EP
Clint Ruin/Lydia Lunch
Thanatos (2 Versions, 1 Live)
The Alice Band
HIM (His Infernal Majesty)
Unto Ashes
The Beautiful South

The Reaper/Burnin' For You Too Hip For The Room (w. Buck Dharma)

Eyes on Fire Treat

Fire Of Unknown Origin patti smith group

Godzilla Fighting Gravity
Fu Manchu
Racer X
Superfuzz (3 Mixes Revenge Mix & Moth Mix)
Thunderpuss 2000 (3 Mixes)
Riddle Me This
Psychlone Rangers
Sebastian Bach "Bring 'em Bach Alive" 1999

Goin' Through The Motions Bonnie Tyler

Joan Crawford David Roter Method (w. Albert Bouchard)

Hot Rails To Hell Behead The Prophet
The Meatmen
Tesco Vee & White Flag
White Flag (2 versions, 1 Live)

Take Me Away Brant Bjork

I'm On The Lamb, But I Ain't No Sheep CHOP (w. Mike Watt)

Lips In The Hills Agents Of Fortune (Swedish Tribute Band)

O.D.'d On Life Itself Agents Of Fortune (Swedish Tribute Band)

The Red & The Black The Minutemen (2 Versions, 1 Live)

See You In Black The Panther Moderns (Same Lyric, Diff Music)

She's As Beautiful As A Foot CHOP (W. Mike Watt)
Gumball (W. Albert Bouchard on Back up Vox)

Stairway To The Stars Agents Of Fortune (Swedish Tribute Band)
The Forbidden Dimension

Tattoo Vampire Cult Brothers (w. Joe Bouchard)
Helen Wheels (w. Albert Bouchard)

This Ain't The Summer Of Love Current '93
The Imperial Dogs (w.D. Waller Same Title Only)
Lizzy Borden
Screaming Dizbusters (A/K/A/Nomads)

Transmaniacon MC Walking Seeds "Upwind of disaster, downwind of atonement" (Glass GLACD 034 )

White Flags Leggat (Original Version by Composers)


These are BOC songs performed live by other bands, and are from official releases, bootlegs or live tapes.


Godzilla Smashing Pumpkins
Widespread Panic
Fu Manchu
The Hitmen

(Don't Fear) The Reaper REM
  Better than Ezra
  Elliot Smith
Marshall Crenshaw
The Hitmen

Transmaniacon MC Radio Birdman

The Red & The Black fIREHOSE
The Screaming Tribesmen

Career Of Evil Radio Birdman
  Lime Spiders

Godzilla/Frankenstein Indiana St

ME262 Tommyknockers
  Radio Birdman

Before the Kiss, A Redcap Radio Birdman

Hot Rails to Hell The Otherside

Dominance & Submission Radio Birdman