"Agents of Fortune is a startlingly excellent album--startling because one does not expect Blue Öyster Cult to sound like this; loud but calm, manic, but confident, melodic but rocking."   
- Ken Tucker, Rolling Stone  

"I still consider Agents of Fortune to be perhaps the greatest Heavy Metal album of all time, mainly for its intelligence."   
- Xavier Russell, Kerrang  

From the Agents press kit, here is the Columbia Records Biography on Blue Öyster Cult, and the press release announcing the new laser show! Agents of Fortune has been recently re-released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs as a remastered gold CD.
Billboard's Top 200 albums: 
35 weeks on the chart.  

Entered Jun 19, 1976, last appearance Feb 12, 1977  
Peaked at #32: Nov 13, 1976.

7" singles:  
(Don't Fear) The Reaper / Tattoo Vampire

20 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. Peaked  and held at #12 for two weeks: Nov 6 & 13.  

This Ain't the Summer of Love Murray Krugman, Albert Bouchard, Donald Waller
True Confessions Allen Lanier
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Donald Roeser
E. T. I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Donald Roeser, Sandy Pearlman
The Revenge of Vera Gemini Albert Bouchard, Patti Smith
Sinful Love Albert Bouchard, Helen Robbins
Tattoo Vampire Albert Bouchard, Helen Robbins
Morning Final Joe Bouchard
Tenderloin  Allen Lanier
Debbie Denise  Albert Bouchard, Patti Smith