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Danny Miranda hails from Long Island, New York. His initial tenure with the band was in 1995-2004. Since then, he has often returned to "sub" for the band when the current bassist had other commitments. Danny left in September 2004 for an opportunity to play in the band for Las Vegas musical "We Will Rock You," featuring the music of Queen. There, his talents grabbed the attention of Queen guitarist Brian May, and led to his being hired for the 2005-2006 Paul Rogers and Queen tour. He worked with Queen for several years, and most recently has been touring with Meatloaf (reuniting with former BÖC drummer John Miceli). Early in 2017, he returned to BÖC, bringing back his signature in-your-face melodic approach that lifts the bass role from support to front and center.

Danny's songwriting was featured on "Good to Feel Hungry," from BÖC's album, "Curse of the Hidden Mirror", and builds a tantalizing web of music from its mesmerizing bass figure.

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