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One early phone call on a Sunday morning in October of 2004 would forever change the life of this young man from Staten Island, NY. The voice on the line asked, "Do you want to play bass?" The voice on other end of the line was Eric Bloom, and thus Richie Castellano entered the fold. Since the retirement of Allen Lanier, multi-instrumentalist Richie has switched from bass over to the guitars/keyboards, both of which he's quite the master!

On stage, Richie is always on the move. His high energy performances start from the first note of every show, and never let up until the house lights come on.

Richie Castellano has been associated with Blue Oyster Cult since 2000, as a substitute Front of House engineer. He has a Masters Degree in Music from the Purchase College Conservatory of Music. Richie's discography includes a dozen production credits from various artists, as well as a few solo projects. Richie has been the recipient of the first place award for the 1998 Songwriter's Hall of Fame songwriting competition and the 1996 Berklee College of Music soloist award.

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