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October 6, 2001

In response to the tragedy of September 11, BOC fan Daryl Maxwell created a video to the song "Divine Wind". The video is available for view and/or download.

At the Fort Smith, AR show, the band's first show after the tragedy, BOC paid tribute to the victims by singing a rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" in the set.

Autographed Guitar Raffled

October 14, 2001
(updated Jan 25, 2002)
(updated Dec 2, 2001)

The winner of the autographed guitar was drawn at the Dec. 2 Auburn Hills, Michigan show.

And the winner is: Harold "Al" Pryor! Congratulations Al! Click here to see the proud winner and the autographed guitar!

All proceeds from the raffle will go to the medical expenses of former BOC road crew member Sam Judd.

King Biscuit to Air Archive BOC show Week of July 16

July 14, 2001

Next week, the week of July 16, King Biscuit Radio will be presenting an archive BOC set, including recordings from 1975 - 1986. The show is broadcast on different days depending on the station. A list of stations that carry King Biscuit Radio can be found on the King Biscuit Website.

Legacy Remasters Released

July 3, 2001

Columbia/Legacy proudly presents newly remastered and expanded versions of the first four BOC studio albums. With the full participation of the band, these deluxe reissues include many previously unreleased bonus tracks, printed lyrics, new liner notes by Lenny Kaye and many unpublished photos.

BOC to appear on Rockline July 11

June 15, 2001

Blue Oyster Cult will be appearing on ROCKLINE, the radio show in which fans call in and query the stars. BOC is appearing July 11 on the show. The show goes live at 8:30 PM PST/11:30 PM ET every Wednesday. The toll free number for people to call in is
1-800-344-ROCK (7625).
The show is heard on 130 stations across the country. Or people can tune in via the web. For a list of webcast stations, click here.

For a list of broadcast stations, go to:

BOC's New Album, Curse of the Hidden Mirror Released

June 5, 2001

The wait is over, Blue Öyster Cult's new album was released June 5th. The album features 11 new songs, with writing contributions from all the band members and a large sheaf of lyrics from author John Shirley. If you haven't yet acquired a copy, we suggest you do!

Pocket makes "most Added" list for 2nd Week

May 31, 2001

Blue Öyster Cult's new single, "Pocket," was again listed as a top 5 Most-Added track on rock radio, according to The single has been getting some heavy airplay and excellent feedback from listeners and DJs alike.

Pocket is first single from Curse of the Hidden Mirror

Apr 22, 2001

"Pocket" will be the first single released from "Curse of the Hidden Mirror". It's to be released to radio stations on May 22, so be sure to request it at your local rock station!

John Shirley E-book available

May 1, 2001

Stealth Press -- a publisher that believes in powerful writing and in
the Internet as a way to reach readers of quality books -- is offering a special free e-book of John Shirley's chilling short story, "My Victim." The story is excerpted from Shirley's hardcover collection, DARKNESS DIVIDED, just published by Stealth Press.

You can get it here:

Curse of the Hidden Mirror to be New Album Title

Apr 9, 2001

Eric Bloom announced the new album title today. The band did not choose any of the fan suggestions that were collected earlier this year on this and the bocfanclub site, but rather drew from the earliest days of before-they-were-BOC and chose:

The band finished mixing last week, and the results are off to mastering this week. Release date is still set for June 5th.

Burnin' for You featured in Joe Dirt

Mar 21, 2001

"Joe Dirt," a new movie starring David Spade will include BÖC's "Burnin' For You." The movie trailer prominently featured the song, and it is included on the Joe Dirt soundtrack CD. Also seen in the trailer: the main character's home is adorned with a BOC poster.

"Burnin' for You" also made an appearance on NBC's "ED" series recently, playing in the background of a scene at a bowling alley.

SONY to release Remastered Catalog with Bonus tracks

Mar 3, 2001
(updated Apr 28, 2001)

CBS/SONY is going to be re-releasing the entire BOC catalog, remastered with extra bonus unreleased tracks. The first of these releases are slated for (date has been pushed back, now) June 26.

The first releases will be the first four studio albums. Each record will include four bonus tracks and booklets with liner notes by noted musician and producer Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group, producer of Nuggets). The releases will continue in groups of four until the entire catalogue has been re-issued.

Here are the Bonus Cuts for each Album so far:

Blue Oyster Cult
CK 85482

Tyranny & Mutation
CK 85481

From The band's original Columbia demo:
  • What is Quicksand
  • A Fact About Sneakers
  • Donovan's Monkey
  • Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes

These songs are completely different versions than the songs of the same titles on the upcoming Rhino Stalk-Forrest group release

will have 3 Live tracks:
  • Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll (From the Original Bootleg EP)
  • 7 Screaming Diz-Busters (From BOC Live In The West 1975)
  • O.D.'d On Life Itself (From BOC LIve In The West 1975)
  • Buck's Boogie (Original studio version from 1973)

Secret Treaties
CK 85480

Agents Of Fortune
CK 85479

  • Born To Be Wild (Originally available as a single in 1974)
  • Mommy
  • Boorman The Chauffeur
  • Madame Serrat
  • (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Buck's original home demo)
  • Dance The Night Away (Allen's original home demo with Allen singing)
  • Sally (Pre-Production)
  • Fire Of Unknown Origin

Rhino to Release Elektra Stalk Forrest Group Recordings

Feb 12, 2001

Rhino Handmade Records announces the soon-to-be-released CD of the Stalk Forrest Group recordings!

30+ years later, the long languishing recordings that the band made as the Stalk Forrest Group are coming to light in a limited-edition release by Rhino Handmade Records. 18 tracks have been compiled for the CD. Although it won't be released until April, you can pre-order it now.

Go here:
Rhino Handmade Records

BOC's New Studio Album set for June 5 release

Mar 1, 2001

BÖC's new, as-yet-untitled album has been slated for a June 5 release date. The band is finishing up in the studio this month.

BOC Potpourri

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