Chuck Bürgi  

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New Jersey native Chuck Bürgi joined BOC in June of 1991, shortly after Ron Riddle's departure.

This veteran player has a long list of credits, including Brand X, Hall & Oates, Al DiMeola, Bon Jovi and Michael Bolton. Prior to joining BOC, Bürgi was working with Meatloaf.

He stayed with BOC until September 1995, when both he and bassist Greg Smith went to tour with Rainbow. Bürgi returned to BÖC to join them in the studio for "Heaven Forbid."

Bürgi then went to work as drummer for Enrique Iglesias, son of hearthrob crooner Julio Iglesias. He also spent three years drumming for the Broadway show "Movin' Out," the musical based on the music of Billy Joel, and joined Joel on tour on the "My Lives" tour.