Ron Riddle joined BÖC in July of 1987, for a European tour. Riddle was recruited by Buck Dharma, who had seen him playing with a band in upstate New York.

Riddle had previously worked with progressive band Happy the Man, and recorded the album "Crafty Hands" with them in 1977. He also recorded with Gary Windo and The Burns Sisters.

He was part of The Red and The Black project with Buck Dharma and Jon Rogers that existed concurrently with BOC in 1990.

Since leaving BOC in May of 1991 he played with bass virtuoso Stuart Hamm, and Israeli guitarist David Broza, and also wrote a symphonic piece.

These days, Riddle has found success as a composer of film music, having scored the soundtracks to TV shows such as National Geographic, Disney, Audubon, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

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