Jon Rogers  

Jon Rogers joined BOC in March of 1986, right on the heels of Joe Bouchard's departure.

With only two days rehearsal, Rogers was out in front for the Santa Monica Civic Center performance that was recorded for King Biscuit Flower Hour.

In 1990, alongside his BÖC gig, he formed The Red and The Black with Buck Dharma and Ron Riddle, and they played around the New York area for the better part of a year. Jon played with many local bands before joining BOC.

Jon left BOC in 1995 and does a lot of work in video production, and in 2001 was awarded an Emmy as Director for the cn8 cable show "Family Talk".

In the last few years, you might see him onstage with BÖC, as he occasionally subs for other BÖC bass players when they have other commitments.