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Former Members:

Albert Bouchard
Joe Bouchard
Chuck Bürgi
Rick Downey
Allen Lanier
John Miceli
John O'Reilly
Al Pitrelli
Ron Riddle
Jon Rogers
Bobby Rondinelli
Rudy Sarzo
Greg Smith
Kasim Sulton
Jimmy Wilcox
Tommy Zvonchek

Visit Greg Smith's site gsmith.com

Veteran of Blackmore's Rainbow, Greg Smith stepped in to fill the vacancy left by Jon Rogers in 1995 for the duration of the summer.

A Long Island native, Smith has played also played and/or recorded with Joe Lynn Turner, Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics, and Vinnie Moore, as well as David Rosenthal's Red Dawn Project.

Smith left in September 1995, going on to tour with Alice Cooper, and later, Rainbow.

In the mid-2000s, Greg spent several years playing in the Broadway show "Movin' Out," the musical based on the music of Billy Joel, alongside other BÖC alum, Chuck Bürgi.

In 2009, Greg joined another former BÖC member--Bobby Rondinelli--and along with Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Carey and guitarist J├╝rgen Blackmore (Ritchie Blackmore's son) created "Over The Rainbow," a Raibow tribute band.