Tommy Zvoncheck  

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Tommy Zvonchek

Tommy Zvoncheck's career is nothing if not variety. From jazzer Fernando Saunders to punker John Lydon's Public Image Limited, Zvoncheck is an in-demand touring musician.

Being a New York player, Zvoncheck found himself rubbing elbows with many of the same people that BOC had worked with, and eventually ended up working on the Imaginos sessions. After those sessions were finished, he toured with Kasim Sulton (Utopia), Clarence Clemmons (Bruce Springsteen) and Aldo Nova.

He landed the gig in BOC in 1985 and went on to record the Club Ninja album and remained with BOC throughout the Club Ninja tour, until September 1986.

Zvoncheck is active in many musical projects in the New York area, and in 2008 released his first solo album, "ZKG."

This album brings his unmistakable talent to the forefront, getting the spotlight it deserves. The album was three years in the making, all songs composed by Zvoncheck, who also self-produced and engineered the project. "ZKG" is a powerful album of instrumentals in a progressive, rock-fusion vein....heavy but evoking a wide range of moods and emotions.

Although the album is mainly keyboard-driven, Zvoncheck also performs guitar and bass. There is also a guest appearance by Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser who performed the guitar solo on "Storm Chaser". For more information on "ZKG" please visit