Rick Downey  

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Former Members:

Albert Bouchard
Joe Bouchard
Chuck Bürgi
Rick Downey
Allen Lanier
John Miceli
John O'Reilly
Al Pitrelli
Ron Riddle
Jon Rogers
Bobby Rondinelli
Rudy Sarzo
Greg Smith
Kasim Sulton
Jimmy Wilcox
Tommy Zvonchek

Rick Downey began his musical career as a drummer, but soon found another slant on the music business — He was hired as Albert Bouchard's drum tech in 1973.

Soon he moved on to tour manager, and eventually became BOC's crew chief & lighting designer. In the summer of 1981, Downey took on another job with BÖC.

After Albert Bouchard was suddenly dismissed, Rick became BÖC's drummer. He continued on in that position until January of 1985.

Since BOC, Downey has held tour manager and lighting positions with Motley Crue, The Outfield, Living Colour and Anthrax, and returned as manager for a BOC tour in 1995. Rick has now given up the production side of rock and roll for a spectator sport: Auto Racing.

He is now on the crew for Indy racing teams.